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Divorce modification lawyerThe family law attorneys at Majer, Sheen & Piereth, P.C. of Woodstock know what it’s like to have a personal family matter interrupt the daily routines of your life. We help families to compromise and to resolve any family law disputes that may have been brought on by divorce.

The exceptional team of attorneys at the Scott W. Sheen and Associates, P.C. bring knowledge and skill to the table when it comes to sensitive issues involving family law conflicts. We realize no one wants to have a prolonged divorce or child custody battle. That is why we work efficiently and effectively to plan an immediate resolution that is beneficial to both parties.

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Our focus is on protecting what is in the best interests of our clients. We serve families living in cities throughout McHenry and Lake counties, such as Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills, Waukegan, Lake Forest, and Libertyville.

Child Custody Lawyers

Yorkville Child Custody AttorneyOur child custody lawyers are fully aware of the different types of family law conflicts that occur on the hem of divorce. Child custody battles are some of the most contentious issues divorcing parents have, and our lawyers do everything possible to make sure the best interests of the children are protected.

If you think you might need a child custody attorney, let us give you the advice you need to help you resolve any child custody disputes. We know that time is of the essence, and we are skilled at helping families and individuals work out a parenting plan and visitation times in accordance with the most suitable child custody agreement.

Visitation Rights, Parenting Agreements and Child Custody

There are a lot of misconceptions about child custody agreements that our attorneys can clarify. One common misunderstanding surrounding child custody is that it determines how much time each parent gets with the child. That is NOT true. Custody determines which parent gets to have decision making power over a child’s health care, education and religious upbringing.

There are different types of custody arrangements that can accompany a parenting plan or visitation schedule. Not every family benefits from joint custody agreements or sole custody agreements. Instead, some families may opt to have split custody, which involves a “separation of siblings” according to gender matching. Shared custody is sometimes preferred since it allows parents to have equal time allotted to their child. It is more like a parenting agreement than a child custody agreement since both parents can make decisions for their child’s upbringing in a shared custody arrangement.

Regardless of the type of custody you choose, our attorneys will keep you informed of your options based on your specific situation.

Divorce Decree Modification

Post-divorce decree modifications allow individuals to change or modify child support payments, visitation rights, child custody, or spousal support from the original divorce agreement. Usually a post decree modification is needed when there is significant change in a party’s circumstances. One party may experience pay increase at work, while another may lose their job. Either situation would call for a post decree modification and an experienced attorney.

Lawyers Helping You Make Changes After Your Divorce

Our post-judgment attorneys understand the changes people go through once a divorce has been settled. We focus on helping you to adapt and learn how you can modify your divorce agreement if you have experienced major financial changes in your life. Our attorneys have been representing clients throughout Boone, McHenry, Lake and Cook Counties. If you need help with post decree modifications you can speak with us.

Contact Majer, Sheen & Piereth, P.C. in Woodstock, Illinois to learn more about how we can help you with a post decree modification of custody and support payments. Call or email us to schedule a free initial consultation.

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