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When Things Change, We Can Help You Modify Your Divorce Decree

A divorce usually changes life as you know it, and even when it’s done and over with, there may be special circumstances that call for your original divorce decree to be modified. In some cases, job loss, relocation, physical disability, or mental incapacitation may cause the need for post decree modifications.

At the Yorkville law offices of Majer, Sheen & Piereth, P.C. our attorneys help clients to petition the Illinois courts to make any necessary modifications to a divorce decree if there has been a major change in a family’s financial or medical circumstance. Whether you or your ex-spouse is no longer able to provide for your family in the way that was initially ordered by the divorce ruling, an experienced post decree modification attorney can help you with changes to child custody, and child support judgments.

Discuss Your Options for Divorce Decree Modifications and Enforcements

If your former spouse is not making child support or spousal maintenance payments as the court-ordered ruling declared in your divorce settlement, the attorneys at Majer, Sheen & Piereth, P.C., can aggressively obtain an order of enforcement and ask that your ex-spouse be held in contempt of court. Our attorneys can also represent clients who have had enforcement actions brought against them. Regardless of your situation, our post-decree modification attorneys can help you.

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