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Divorce Lawyers Who Care About Your Family’s Future

Going through a divorce can be a trial in itself. Divorce issues often carry a heavy emotional weight and the attorneys at The Law Offices of Piereth & Sheen, P.C.of Sycamore take a personal and professional approach toward the dissolution of your marriage.

The attorneys at the office of The Law Offices of Piereth & Sheen, P.C. are dedicated to upholding your rights while preserving the dignity of all parties involved. Our commitment to competent representation for each and every client is what drives us to push for the best possible outcomes in what are less than desirable situations.

Multiple legal issues can arise with the dissolution of a marriage. Our attorneys ensure that clients are fully informed about the law and all of their legal options, and we assist you in making decisions that will help achieve your objectives.

The following are just a few of the many issues we can assist you with as you go through a divorce:

We Seek To Resolve Disputes Outside Of Trial, But Are Ready To Fight In Court

Whether you are filing for divorce, or divorce proceedings have been initiated by your spouse, we have the knowledge and experience to help protect your financial and emotional interests. While we will work to create a settlement, the environment of a trial proceeding is a familiar arena, and we will not shy away from contention. We recognize that disputes involving child custody, child support, spousal support and property division often necessitate divorce litigation. Our divorce attorneys strive to not only help our clients resolve divorce disputes, but to educate them about the divorce process and prepare them for the future. During our initial consultation, we listen to the specifics of your situation, provide tools for you to assess your current and future financial needs, and help you project realistic outcomes based on Illinois divorce law.

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