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Northern Illinois Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

The state of Illinois takes domestic violence charges very seriously. Law enforcement officials are required to make an arrest if they see any sign of injury. The law strongly favors the alleged victim in domestic violence matters and you can be served with a restraining order or order of protection even if no actual violence has taken place. In addition, Illinois has a “no-drop” policy when it comes to domestic violence charges. Even if your accuser wants to drop the charges and changes their story, the state will continue to pursue criminal action against you. Be sure that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side right from the start.

Fighting To Protect Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

At the law office of The Law Offices of Piereth & Sheen, P.C., we represent clients Northern Illinois in all types of cases, including spousal abuse, domestic assault and domestic battery. We have years of experience in these cases and work tirelessly to reach the most favorable outcome available in every case. In many cases, our clients are the victims of false accusations that have absolutely no basis in fact. Our domestic abuse defense attorneys fight aggressively to expose these lies and do everything we can to see that the truth is heard in court. We closely examine every part of the prosecution’s case and build the most compelling possible case on your behalf.

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