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Seeking compensation after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When Illinois residents contemplate legal action after suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident, they probably hear one term of “legalese” more than most others: “negligence.” This legal concept, in essence, means that someone did not abide by their duty to others—such as the duty to drive carefully and at full attention. And, that the failure to abide by that duty caused the motor vehicle accident in question.

Negligence, however, is a broad term. It could be attributable to many different types of conduct, such as drunk driving, distracted driving and even drowsy driving. It is the general term that a “plaintiff”—the person filing the lawsuit—will typically use to describe the particular conduct of the alleged driver in the scenario who caused the crash.

Another common term potential plaintiffs will also likely hear is “damages.” As part of a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove that the collision actually caused the injuries and damages that allegedly occurred due to the incident. Medical expenses, lost wages and repairs for the vehicles involved are common aspects of damages—the “compensation” that injured victims seek.

Your compensation

At our law firm, we take the time to evaluate each case to determine how, exactly, the negligence in the incident arose and also the total amount of compensation to which injured victims may be entitled. For more information about how we attempt to help injured motor vehicle accident victims in Illinois, please visit our website. The suffering that injured victims go through can last a lifetime. Compensation may be your legal right.