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Not paying attention can lead to a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If another driver crashes into you, there is a fair chance they were distracted. Even if distraction was not the primary factor in the crash, it might still have played some role. After all, if they were 100% focused on driving and the road around them, they probably would have spotted whatever was going on in time and avoided crashing into you.

Most campaigns that target distracted driving focus on avoiding the use of your phone while driving. It is one of the most dangerous things you can do. In the time it takes to check a phone message, you will travel the length of a football field if traveling at 55 mph. Think about any football-field-sized stretch of road, and you will realize how much you could miss.

Distracted driving is not all about phone use

There are many other forms of distracted driving which you might not see in a campaign. Here are some:

  • Your children: Some kids hate traveling in a car. They find it boring and like to let you know. They can cry for your attention, fight with each other, undo their seat belts, throw things, drop things, stick their arm out the window and much more. Even when they are well behaved, they may still want your attention.
  • Your hunger or thirst: You might save time in the mornings by eating breakfast on the go. A whole industry has grown to support this with coffee in take-out cups and drive-throughs selling breakfast burgers. That does not mean it is safe. To eat, you need to take at least one hand off the wheel, and you also need to look away from the road for a few seconds.

If a driver crashes into you, it is crucial to look at what distracted them and caused them to injure you. Understanding the complete picture will make it easier to claim the compensation you need.