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Man faces serious charges for dragging cop after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Criminal defense |

When a person is arrested for violent crimes in Chicago and throughout Illinois, it is important to be aware of the potential long-term consequences if there is a conviction. Felonies carry with them severe penalties and these are especially problematic if the charges are related to a violent confrontation with a law enforcement officer. Although these situations can be challenging, there are ways to formulate an effective defense and avoid the worst penalties. Many of these incidents start innocuously such as during a traffic stop.

Man, 25, confronted with attempted murder charge and more after traffic stop

A 25-year-old man was arrested on a slew of charges including attempted murder after trying to flee a traffic stop and dragging the officer with his car. According to the prosecutors, the man was stopped by police in the evening at around 7:30 p.m. after he allegedly ran a red light. As officers investigated, the man did not have a driver’s license. Officers also believed he was driving after smoking marijuana.

The officer tried to take the keys, but the driver took off. The officer, 30, was dragged. The man drove recklessly before crashing into a support beam for a train station. The officer was seriously injured with a fractured skull and needed surgery. The man was facing a previous charge for drugs and was out on bond. He now faces an attempted murder charge and misdemeanors for flight and driving without a valid license.

Assault and other violent crimes can lead to long-term problems

People who are arrested and charged with violent crimes should be cognizant of what they may face if they are convicted. Not only might there be an extended jail sentence and fines, but their lives can be exceedingly challenging even after they have completed their sentence. A felony conviction can have a negative impact on getting certain jobs and being admitted to schools. Assault and attempted murder charges are always complicated to defend, but they are even more difficult if the act was committed when trying to flee from a police officer.

Understanding all the possible alternatives with experienced legal advice

Despite the seriousness of these allegations, there may be avenues available to reach a positive outcome. The first choice is always to gain an acquittal, but if that is unlikely, a plea bargain might be a possibility to reduce the worst charges and move forward. The evidence must be scrutinized to determine the preferable course of action. Having aggressive and skillful legal representation can assess the case and formulate a plan for lodging a defense against felonies and misdemeanors.