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Three dead following ambulance accident in Woodford County

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A vast majority of car accidents in Kendall County are usually just that: accidents. Those who cause them typically do so unintentionally without any malice or forethought. Still, their actions can have devastating consequences. 

Some might say that seeking legal action in the wake of a car accident is simply vindictive given that such action cannot alter the outcome. Yet what those who feel this way overlook is the tremendous losses that accident victims and their families suffer. In many cases, they may need financial assistance in order to adequately deal with the impact an accident has on their lives. 

Collision with ambulance in Woodford County kills three

All too often, that impact is enormous. Such is what three local families (two from Minonk and the other from Gridley) are now forced to deal with following a tragic accident along Illinois Route 116 in Woodford County. According to Shaw Media, two young men and a young woman sustained fatal injuries when an ambulance struck their car. Reports indicate that the car pulled into the ambulance’s path. The ambulance was in the course of transporting two women when the accident occurred. While the ambulance driver suffered minor injuries, reports did not indicate whether the women did, as well. 

Seeking compensation from an estate

Some might look at a case like this (where the person apparently responsible died as a result) and think legal action to be pointless given that the liable party is no longer able to answer for their actions. Yet those needing compensation can still seek it from a liability party’s estate. Undertaking such a process, however, can be long and arduous, which is why having reliable legal assistance to rely on may be so helpful to so many in such situations.