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Does getting along with your co-parent help your child?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Illinois parents like you often worry about the impact divorce will have on your kids. This is a well-founded concern. Divorce often affects children on mental, emotional and even physical levels. 

What can you do to help mitigate some of the damages that your divorce may cause? It might surprise you how crucial presentation often is in these scenarios. 

Understanding how your child views divorce

Kids Health talks about ways to help your child get through a divorce. One major thing is how you and your co-parent work together. Children can detect animosity and anger. You do not have good chances of faking your way through an amiable divorce. Instead, try to work things out in earnest. Do not talk to your child if you recently had an argument. Children also tend to see anger and irritation and blame themselves for its presence. Obviously, this is the last thing you want. 

Stay on the same page with information

Control the information you give out, too. Again, this works best when you and your co-parent are on the same page. Have rehearsal discussions before you talk to your child. Go through the information you want to give them. Decide what information you should withhold, too. For example, your child does not need to know the exact reason for your divorce. But they should know who is planning on moving out of the house and what the visitation schedule looks like. 

Presenting a unified front provides your child with a level of stability that they need in this crucial time. Facing divorce is never easy. But with this support, they can get through this period with less trauma.