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3 ways to fight against violent crime charges

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Criminal defense, Firm News |

After being arrested for assault, armed robbery, homicide or another violent crime, you are in a position where you need to defend yourself aggressively.

As a state, Illinois is no stranger to violent crimes. In fact, USA Today reports that Illinois had the 4th highest rate of murders of any state in the Union in 2018. With this high percentage of violent crimes in the state, prosecutors take an aggressive approach in violent crime trials.

While it might be intimidating to have to defend against a violent crime charge, there are three factors to give you hope, three things that we focus on when defending against charges of this kind:

  1. Mistakes made by the arresting officer: There are numerous rules and limitations as to what the arresting officer can do. Illegal searches and seizures, stopping you without probable cause, failure to read you your rights and other violations are common. Any mistakes made in this regard can result in disqualifying the evidence or having your case thrown out. A good attorney will look at the records and find any errors that the officer might have made.
  2. Reasonable doubt: The standard for the prosecutor to attain is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This means that the evidence must prove that the crime has been committed and you are the one who committed it beyond any reasonable doubt. Even with a lot of evidence against you, there might be a way to establish a reasonable doubt that could result in a not-guilty verdict.
  3. Mitigating factors: Even if you are convicted of a violent crime, there are a few ways to mitigate the damage and reduce the penalties. If we can show it was a crime of passion, for example, this can result in psychological rehabilitation that can reduce prison time. A first offense can also result in more leniency than multiple offenses. These are just a couple of examples of mitigating factors.

The point is that there are always ways to avoid conviction or minimize the penalties and jail time involved with a conviction. By working with an experienced lawyer who knows how to fight violent crime charges, you will be in the best position possible to get favorable results.